FRIDAY 5 | Fall Favorites + Staples For Home or Personal Wardrobe

I thought it was so cute, yesterday on my IG feed someone suggested I do OOTD posts. I don’t think I will be doing them consistently any time soon but there’s no doubt that I love creating not just in homes but on my own body with my clothing.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come more and more out of my shell and branched out quite a lot more in my wardrobe to reflect more of personality and mood and it feels great!

Today for Friday (ish), I’m sharing some of my favorite home + wardrobe picks for the fall. I couldn’t just pick 5 today so there’s an extra there just for you.

(Just click on the images below to shop the products listed)


This coat’s from Aritzia and it’s one of my favorite places to shop for staples in my wardrobe. The past two years, each fall/winter, I’ve invested in their coats, jackets and sweaters and they are worth their weight in gold. While they offer items a little more on the pricey end of things, but you just can’t beat the quality. This ‘cocoon coat’ is on my list for the season and this color is one of my faves. Gimme all the coppers and golds and blushes and mints and yellows. Yes, all of that.


These sneakers are a steal at only 37.97 from On top of the fact that they are unisex they are on super sale so if you want them, go get them. They will surely be gone quickly. They come in the color below in addition to white and black but I love a good athleisure shoe to pair up or down with an outfit. I can see these going into the fall with cropped slacks/pants or jeans, with a fun skirt or dressed all the way down with your favorite leggings or joggers. Colors like this are what I consider neutral (just as neutral as a camel or a white) and I’d wear them with almost any solid.


Give them ALL to me. This hat is from Brixton and if you follow me on Instagram you saw and maybe even commented on the one I wore a couple of times this week in my stories and on my feed. Guys. Get this. You will NOT regret it. Promise. Here in the PNW these are like umbrellas because no one uses them anyhow around here. Also, I love how brimmed hats add a bit of personality to just about any outfit. Also guys, the one I have is a men’s small. Secret’s out. But, I LOVE it. It also comes in an XS but I like the wiggle room I have in the small. Sizing charts are available via the link.


And as many as possible. Since it’s a trendy item, get them cheap. I’ve curated a whole list of items that I’m loving for your choosing over on Amazon as part of my shopping suggestions for each of you and some of my faves. I know so many of us still have a love-hate relationship with this company but they offer such a great variety and access to products and brands so many of us would never be able to shop or visit. And, of course, there’s the prices. Well, for things like this, you just can’t beat them.


For me and I’m sure for you, fall is all about cozy. I love to switch out things in our home in this season. It’s one of the easy ways to refresh and give your space a completely different feel. This pillow is kind of awesome. It’s not what you’d typically think about for fall maybe since it’s not fuzzy or fluffy but it is one that you can carry throughout the season and for that, it’s a win for me.


I think this one’s a no-brainer. Fall = candles. This one’s been a fave for a few years for me and it always seems to deliver. If you’re familiar with Illume you know they offer great, high quality candles that last and give your home the aromas of heaven. I'm not a big pumpkin scent fan but I love just about anything woodsy or smokey. This candle scent has all of that packed into one nice, neat little package and the price is right.


Am I the only rug hoarder? I know I can’t be! Not around here. I LOVE rugs and each season means changing them out to create a cozy or less cluttered feel in our space depending on whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall. This one from Safavieh is a great option. It’s natural wool (which will mean some shedding) but you’l be hard-pressed to find one more plush. I tend to go for neutrals mostly but there are just so many great options out there.

Those are my items for this week but let’s be honest, we’re really never satisfied with only FIVE things guys, right? Okay, maybe I will speak for myself. I love shopping and sometimes just window shopping. I love even imagining all the possibilities in my wardrobe and my home. Where are some of your favorite places to shop or what are some of your favorite things this fall. Share them in the comment section below!

*Some of these products are affiliate links via Amazon. If you choose to buy, I will receive a small percentage in credit from Amazon, Inc.