So, as you all know, we moved into a place that we can call our own back in August and I could not be more happy to be in a space that I can finally plant my feet in and begin really making it a home that we all can love and enjoy as a family.

In case you missed it, I partnered up with Lulu and Georgia to usher in fall in the best way with a little living room refresh and if you’re like me you like adding a little something new to a new space.

L+G so generously offered to let me try out a few of their products in exchange for my fair assessment of said products and honestly y’all, I was blown away by the quality of them and how much better IRL they all were.

For our living room, I chose the Tova Sofa which is an amazing stubby French linen, the Gweneth Oval Coffee table and the Taza rug.

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “How in the world are you going to manage that sofa with four kids?” Well, I’ve just decided I don’t care anymore and ALSO my kids are quite a bit older so I don’t have as many worries about spills and drips and whatnot as much as I did five years ago.


I know I talked about this sofa on Instagram but it’s so worthy of all the accolades I’ve given it. 10/10. No regrets and because it’s not white, I don’t feel bad about a little dinginess here and there. It can be spot cleaned and the slipcover actually comes off so worse come to worse, I can have them dry cleaned easy peasy.


This Gweneth Coffee Table is the perfect size for our living room and offers a little break from all the boxes and squares in the space. It’s my new fave.

IMG_0172-2 (1).jpg

Overall, I really couldn’t ask for a better way to start my living room refresh and I’m totally in love with my new pieces. As we head into fall, I get even more excited thinking about crackling fires in the fireplace, friends and family gathering here for dinner and hangouts and the sounds of jazz (another absolute fave) and laughs in the background.

I have a few more things I want to add to the space to complete it and I’ve shared just a few of those via Lulu + Georgia and some pretty fun Fall PIcks from their amazing product selections.

To see more of those and to spruce up your space even more this fall with some of them, click HERE.

More home and seasonal inspiration coming your way soon!

Until then…

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This living room reveal from The Rath Project is everything. I love the blend of styles from the modern touches of the furniture pieces to the collected and gathered feel of the many of the accessories. This room is warm and welcoming and thoughtfully curated and I’m loving it. And, of course, we cannot talk about the room without making mention of the architectural beauty. Hello, exposed beams. See more of this reveal over on Rath’s blog.


Next up is Sarah of Dorsey Designs. I just love Sarah’s constant use of classic design with modern touches. While I know that nothing any of us do is effortless in this world, I love that Sarah makes putting a room together look so easy. You can see that expressed and almost feel her passion for it all in every room she touches. This space is no different. To see more of this space and how Sarah transformed it, head over to her site.


I think in some past life I must have been Frida Khalo because as much as I love a good calm and peaceful space, rooms like this speak to my soul and my spunky spirit. I love the pattern play here and I think this works for me because while there is a lot of visual movement, the neutral and jeweled tones still offer a bit of rest and retreat for the eye. Here for it. Nicely done, Jeweled Interiors.


I’m a sucker for simple and this sweet little bathroom redo is just so cute. The toile wallpaper. Brass highlights. Hints of marble. Black door. All of it. Yes, please. I’m not one for hanging out in bathrooms but this one is making me rethink it all. So, you know what to do, but just in case, click here.


And, last but not least, you guys…this wonder-filled kids’ bedroom from Cate Holcombe makes me want to become a kid all over again. This is her daughters’ space and it’s filled with all the things a girl could want. This little corner may be my absolute favorite part of the room but, honestly, it’s just so hard to choose. Cat is also one of my favorite designers and she honestly just never disappoints. Head on over to her blog to see more of this sweet room redo.

Those are my One Room Challenge picks but there are literally hundreds to scroll through including those who were features this year. What are some of yours? I’m all ears.





Sometimes when you live in a temporary space, it’s hard to make it feel like your own.

We’ve lived in the rental we are currently in for almost 5 years now. (Whoa)

Over the past five years this space has seen lots of transition and style changes and we’ve done our best to create spaces that feel like “home” even though it’s not our ideal…home.

My husband dreams of the day that we move into a more permanent space where he can finally have his ‘man cave’ stocked with all the good things-including a barber’s chair to cut our boys’ hair.

I decided that I’d create a space that gives us all (read: me) a place to fall back and retreat when life gets a little crazy. And TBH, I’ve needed a space like this more and more lately.

Insert the “used to be office transitional catch-all room turned quiet place for mom” room.

IMG_8051 2.JPG

You’re probably wondering where our office space is now or just how functional this room really is. Well, this room now serves as a retreat, an office, an media room, a laundry folding room, and a studio of sorts for me. It’s is the quintessential multi-purpose space and I’m falling more and more inl ove with it everyday.


Of course, I needed to add vintage touches here and there starting with this neutral vintage rug from @foundhomeshop and these vintage folding camp stools from a local antique shop. They were a steal for only 30.00 bucks for both.


As you know, the work of turning a house into a home is really never done for folks like us. Things are ever-evolving and changing but I love the purpose that this room currently serves for our family.

Even in the smallest and most temporary of spaces, we can still find ways to make room to create something that feeds our soul. I finally have something here that does and I could not be more excited about it.

What do you do to create spaces in your home that speak to and feed your soul?

Come back next week for more views of the space, more convo on how we are using it and a full source list.

Until then…