I’ve collected a roundup of some of my most favorite DIY projects I’ve seen across the internet and knew that since you guys love a good, quick DIY that that I bring some of them your way to share with each of you.

DIY Palm Wreath via  Domino

DIY Palm Wreath via Domino

I absolutely love a DIY that just doesn’t look like an ordinary DIY and this one def fits that characteristic. This project from Domino by Bows and Arrows is one I’ll definitely be stuffing away for years to come. I love that it will extend far past the season we are in as well.

Calf Hair Tree Topper via  Jojotastic

Calf Hair Tree Topper via Jojotastic

Not much to say here other than “whoa"!”. I absolutely adore this fun little project found on Jojo’s blog. Spoiler: her blog is full of fun DIYs right now that are fun and easy. Three cheers for anything easy this season, eh?

DIY Match Jars via  Oleander and Palm

DIY Match Jars via Oleander and Palm

If you’re wondering what the big deal with this DIY is, it’s that this cute little jars can run you upwards of 30 bucks just for a bottle with some matches in it. I love this DIY version that Oleander and Palm shared and if you’re a candle hoarder like I am, you’ll be even more thankful for a special little space to store your joy igniters (read: matches).

I’m slightly obsessed with all things Jenni Kayne TBH and I’m even more obsessed with DIY’s that don’t cost a lot. This one definitely fits the bill with so many found item possibilities and I love that yet we have another wreath that will stand the test of time. Those dried wild flowers are just what your door or wall after Christmas are asking for.

Now ya’ll know I had to include some food here on this list because no DIY list is complete without it. Amirite? I mean, come on guys. You know I’m right. I’m pretty sure we’ll be whipping up a batch of these this week. Ginger AND mint?? You had me at hello.

Those are just a few of the DIYs I rounded up this week via Pinterest. If you’re not following me over there you know I love a good party everywhere I go so go ahead and join me and pin away here.