Hey guys!

We’re still thick into holiday shopping and I’m still going strong heere with the gift guides.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my faves from one of my favorite companies, Uncommon Goods.

If you’ve never heard of them, you’re really in for a treat. Our family has shopped with them for almost ten years and what I love about the company is that they pride themselves first and foremost as a brand who will always offer quality and unique goods to people like you and me.

I also love that I can find items on their site that I just won’t find anywhere else. That matters to me and it’s just so fun to gift things that are often handmade and that people have never seen before.

With Uncommon, you can often meet the maker and get a first-hand peek at the small business owner they have partnered with for the items that you purchase. It’s the next best thing to shopping small, guys.

With that being said, here are my faves from Uncommon that I’ll be “gifting away” this holiday season:


Tabletop Cornhole

We’re totally that family. We love cornhole. And no, it’s not bean bag toss, it’s cornhole. Being from Alabama though I totally thought this wasj ust bean bag toss but I’ve quickly learned that it is so much more than that around these parts. It’s life or death and I’m sold on the fun of it all. Since we’re also a Seattle family and don’t get to spend a ton of time outside during the rainy months this is such a fun alternative to the outdoor version. Our kids have LOVED having this as an option for a little (read: not so) friendly competition in our home. The price is pretty nice as well which means it can make the perfect gift for friends or family!


Trees Knees Coffee Maple

I’ve loved Trees Knees for quite a while. Still a small-batch brand, they offer high quality artisan style syrups and honeys that I’ve loved getting creative with. This coffee maple doesn’t disappoint. Pour it over pancakes or ice cream or even add to your dull coffee for more of a punch. I love adding these kinds of things as unexpected stocking stuffers or for adding a tea towel for a nice little host package for party-going.


Portable Pour Over

This is one I’ve never had before but I just had to try. The idea of coffee on the go is pretty much always a win for me and being in Seattle has only intensified my desire to have a warm cup of the liquid gold everywhere I go. I love that I’m supporting a small business owner when I buy these and can’t wait to hear what friends think of it as well. These fit over any cup and offer that pour-over taste wherever you are. You just need to add hot water!


Sunday Morning Candles

Is there anyone in your life who doesn’t love a good candle? Another small business owner, Sunday Morning delivers. Before I even burned my first one, just opening the package delivered a pleasant aroma that quickly had me intrigued and wondering what it would smell like if it were lit. Well, they definitely delivered. This is set of three of course but Sunday also offers single candles (for under $25) on the Uncommon site as well.


Times Tables Chart

Who still needs a little help remembering their times tables every now and again? (raises hand) I love how clean and modern this times table chart is. I am working on a bit of a refresh in our boys’ room and will be framing this one to place on their walls. There are all sorts of fun variation on this chart including the human body and the alphabet.

So, that’s my Uncommon round-up. I’ll be coming back with more fun ways and things to give this week so stay tuned! Happy Tuesday, friends! xo

DISCLOSURE: While these items were gifted by Uncommon, all opinions and thoughts on these specific products are all mine. I love this brand but I love you guys more and no amount of gifting or money can buy my love. Promise. These products were hand-selected as items I support and can wholeheartedly stand behind.