WHAT I'M READING RIGHT NOW + WHY (black history and beyond)

I feel like I’ve been having babies for the entire last season of my life and either nursing or pregnant for the rest and while I realize that’s a complete exaggeration but also something that many of you mama’s out there will relate to, it’s nonetheless the way I feeeeeeelllll…

Speaking of feelings, I have had such a hankerin’ for more reading lately.

You know the drill, the Amazon cart’s loaded and we’re ready to hit the “checkout” button but then we “save for later” ‘cause we realize there’s still that stack of books on your nightstand, in your closet, in your car, under your sofa, on your coffee table…that you haven’t read still.

If you’re anything like me, you have stacks everywhere. This is where I will defend myself and say that it’s for convenience sake. You know, so that I can have a book to read anywhere I go.

If I were to actually tell the truth here it really because I am just way too ambitious and seem to believe I can will myself to read a book a day even with all the things I have going on in life right now.

If you’re following my stories on Instagram then you’ve seen me talk about some of my most recent purchases and those that are in the “dreaded cart of eternal damnation”. I mean, the ones that are in my “save fo later” category on Amazon.

If you’re following, you’ve also heard my heart lately about what I am reading and why it’s becoming more and more important to me that I am educating myself even more as I’ve felt such a burden (in the best way) to begin having more conversations surrounding race and reconciliation and even sharing my own personal stories of not only growing up black in the South but the beginnings of my thoughts on being a black female blogger in the design/interior styling world. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

We’re probably going to have more conversations in all the spaces about some of these things but I thought, today, I’d share more of the books that I have read, am reading and have in my cart.

You can click on any of the images below to shop them and add them to your personal library. From history to autobiographical recollections to poetry and novels, these are just a few that I have found helpful and that have aided in making me more comfortable with having what can be a very tough topic to talk about and a hard conversation to have:

The ones above are a few of the ones that I have read (plus a couple that I am working on) but I thought I’d include a bit more for those of you who have asked about book and other references for your kiddos—teenagers included and for yourselves.

Here are some of my faves that I think you’ll also find resourceful, helpful, insightful and perhaps even a little fun:

The Warmth of Other Suns

African American Religious History


Dust Tracks on the Road


White Rage

Black Like Me


Deliverance: Mary Fields, First AA Woman Star Route Mail Carrier in the U.S.

Accomplished: African American Women in Victorian America

Autobiographies of a People: Three Centuries of AA History Told by Those Who Lived It

I’ve obviously only discussed a few here but I’d love to hear any that you have to suggest or that you’ve read and found to be helpful or enlightening to you!

Leave those titles for me below and I’ll add them to my personal list.