Name | Grace Kim

Number of Years as Business Owner | My husband, Hun and I started GH Kim Photography 15 years ago and Carpe Diem Collective was started 4 years ago with almost a 3 year pause to take care of family. I just relaunched with a new space this past December!

Name of Business | Carpe Diem Collective, GH Kim Photography

Social Media Handle(s) | @gracekimco, @carpediemcollective @ghkimphotography

Where does the name Carpe Diem come from?

Carpe Diem means to seize the day in Latin. It's a motto that my late brother and I both shared together (we even have a sticker picture together with that phrase on it). After he passed away (yesterday was his anniversary coincidentally), it all became even more poignant. When I knew I wanted to start another venture, the name was the first thing that came to mind with absolute surety as he is my inspiration to seize life to the fullest each day.


What do you love most about being the owner of Carpe Diem?

I love creating and I love people. I have an unshakeable passion to encourage and inspire people to live a meaningful and beautiful life, hence my not letting go of this even after a long hiatus. And Carpe Diem is just one of the ways to bring all of that together. The smiles, the laughter, the inspiration, the aha moments, the sense of accomplishment, the hugs... I love it all.

image | GH Kim Photography

image | GH Kim Photography

Here at Restoration House we love the idea of using our gifts and talents through business to create connection and community with others. Would you say community is something that has shaped the way you do business and live life in general?

I was lucky enough to be a part of different pockets of community growing up, but even so, I personally didn't have many people in my life that were geared towards or interested in the same things that I was, so I found myself spending most of my time listening to all kinds of people in those different communities and learning about them. And through that, empathy is the most important skill that I developed which definitely shapes the way that I do business and live life. But of course I also have my close-knit community of the bestest friends anyone could ask for, who have also shaped me with their love, care, encouragement, and support.

image | GH Kim Photography

image | GH Kim Photography

How would you say you foster community through the Collective?

One of the main ways is that I get to create beautiful and intentional experiences for people to gather together. And during our workshops particularly, we start out by going around the room and answering a question to get to know a little bit about each other. It's important to me that we have an element of digging a little deeper and sparking connection. It's always so good to see bonding during our collectives and also new friendships develop. Another element is giving opportunities for the artists/makers/creatives to come out of what is usually solo time in an independent industry to use their gifts/talents while interacting with people as well. Meeting up in real life is more and more of a challenge these days, so I'm constantly thinking of different ways to encourage it.

How did relationship and community play a part in your life growing up?

I was a PK (pastor's kid) and my family moved around a lot so it was even more important to engage in community. Life can be hard and it can be a lonely world out there. It's so easy to isolate ourselves, but we're all on this earth together for a reason, to help each other and learn from each other. Even as an adult and as an introvert, it's always been important for me to be intentional in surrounding myself with people. I truly believe that our lives have more meaning, purpose, and joy when we are in community.

What are your dreams for Carpe Diem?

How much space do I have on here? ;) Make an app, write a book, produce videos again, get a bigger space eventually to provide even more opportunities for connection and creativity, be able to financially support others with their own dreams, the list goes on. Having said that, I am very thankful and don't take it lightly that I'm living out one of my dreams of having my own space - right here right now. It was a dream that I've had for so long that I don't want to get too ahead of myself and I'm really focusing on being faithful with what I have in front of me and I know that God will bring the right opportunities in the right timing.

Thanks so much to Grace for sharing with us today! For more info on Carpe Diem visit them here. For the day to day dose of creativity and inspiration you can find them in Instagram here.

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