Sometimes when you live in a temporary space, it’s hard to make it feel like your own.

We’ve lived in the rental we are currently in for almost 5 years now. (Whoa)

Over the past five years this space has seen lots of transition and style changes and we’ve done our best to create spaces that feel like “home” even though it’s not our ideal…home.

My husband dreams of the day that we move into a more permanent space where he can finally have his ‘man cave’ stocked with all the good things-including a barber’s chair to cut our boys’ hair.

I decided that I’d create a space that gives us all (read: me) a place to fall back and retreat when life gets a little crazy. And TBH, I’ve needed a space like this more and more lately.

Insert the “used to be office transitional catch-all room turned quiet place for mom” room.

IMG_8051 2.JPG

You’re probably wondering where our office space is now or just how functional this room really is. Well, this room now serves as a retreat, an office, an media room, a laundry folding room, and a studio of sorts for me. It’s is the quintessential multi-purpose space and I’m falling more and more inl ove with it everyday.


Of course, I needed to add vintage touches here and there starting with this neutral vintage rug from @foundhomeshop and these vintage folding camp stools from a local antique shop. They were a steal for only 30.00 bucks for both.


As you know, the work of turning a house into a home is really never done for folks like us. Things are ever-evolving and changing but I love the purpose that this room currently serves for our family.

Even in the smallest and most temporary of spaces, we can still find ways to make room to create something that feeds our soul. I finally have something here that does and I could not be more excited about it.

What do you do to create spaces in your home that speak to and feed your soul?

Come back next week for more views of the space, more convo on how we are using it and a full source list.

Until then…