Hello, friends!

I am so excited to share some specially curated items with you today that I know you guys are going to love not for sharing with friends and family but maybe you’ll even find a little something for yourself or to add to your wishlist as we approach one of the busiest holiday seasons of the year.

To make things just a little easier for you, I’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you by providing each of you with some of my favorite items from some of my favorite brands and places to shop.

It was difficult for me to narrow it down to only a few categories but below you’ll find some of my faves in home, for him and her, for kitchen and entertaining and for families. I sure hope you find some things that you like and, even better, that you feel you or someone you love, just won’t be able to live without.

As you read and shop below, you can click on the links under each of the listed images to go directly to the product of your interest. Many of the products you will see below are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission from your purchase but does not affect your purchase price. As always I am so thankful for your support in many ways around here and this is just one of the ways I can support my family while doing what I love and also continue to create meaningful content for each of you! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME!


Of course I’m beginning here with gifts for the home because it’s just so stinking fun to decorate and just happens to be one of my favorite areas to gift. Of special mention below (while ALL of them are my faves) are the throw (top left) and the diffuser. Throws are an easy gift as they can serve so any purposes in the home and I’m all about my oils and diffusers right now for not only making our home smell scrumptious but for fighting nasty colds and germs throughout the season.

Square Deal Collage 3.png

stone + beam throw | safavieh tunisia area rug | leather pouf

viturvi diffuser | ceramic planter w/ wood stand | boy smells redwood

loloi pillow | graphic accent pillow | j. adler blush rug


Okay, maybe I lied. Give me all the fun products and gadgets and decor for the kitchen. I know you guys are with me. I absolutely adore anything in my home that gives me the opportunity to add a bit of flair and personality and from the items below, the vintage wall basket and those striped linen napkins. My goodness, guys. You’re probably thinking OMG I have enough linens. I just need you to know there’s no such thing. The striped ones below and somewhat of a staple and can go with just about any tabletop decor or design. They have quickly become some of my faves. I even love taking this beyond the table to our bathroom. I love the idea of placing napkins such as these in a basket on the counter in a bathroom and having them at the ready for guests to use and toss into a separate basket after each use.


wooden condiment cup | cheese knives set | wall basket

reusable market tote | linen dinner napkins | ceramic teapot in artichoke

mango wood serving board | pedra serving platter | vintage ceramic bowl


I’m pretty sure Larry wil get all of this for Christmas. (surprise Larry!) This one was so fun to make as I absolutely adore shopping for friends but I LOVE shopping for my mister. Two of my favorites here are the docking station because it’s handmade and something you won’t see everyday. It’s perfect for a nightstand if you have space for it there or for the top of a dresser in a bedroom or closet. Second fave would be that Le Labo scent set. These are OUR favorite scents. I love that Le Labo is natural and made from some the highest quality oils. You best believe they are all worth the price (a little more on the expensive side) and the bonus…they’re for both male and female. Don’t tell Larry but when I buy them for him…they’re really for me too. Shhhh…


steak knives set | woolrich wool blanket | mens’ ugg slipper

le labo set | brixton mens’ hat | wooden handmade docking station

chelsea boots | brass key ring | knife sharpener


OMG. This may sound crazy but this list was harder for me, friends. I’m not sure why but it could have SOMETHING to do with the fact that us girls have so much to choose from and most of us are always buying for ourselves. Just me?

Pics from this list: the Aritzia blanket scarf and the Honest Beauty facial oil. The blanket scarves I’ve literally not been able to live without over the past couple of years. They’ve been wrapped around me only, me + my kids at sports events and even served as comfort on the grass, as the name states, as a blanket when I’ve forgotten to pack one. It’s a staple as far as I’m concerned and I’m also slightly obsessed with facial oils over the year. I’ve seen a real difference in my complexion since I decided to begin using them and this one from Honest is one of the best.

Square Deal Collage 3 (1).png

kanken mini backpack | honest facial oil | facial cleanser

le labo travel set | black crescent necklace | kimono robe

adidas sneaker | wool blanket scarf | jade facial roller

These lists are by no means exhaustive but I hope you find something that you love or that you know friends and family will love. Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite things with you all!

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A quick little hello as we head into the weekend.

It’s Friday and if you’re like me, you get so excited to see what the weekend has in store and all the (hopefully) rest in store.

I’ve been so head down this week preparing for the next few weeks that I haven’t been here much at all BUT next week, Starting on Sunday, is going to be one that you’re gonna want to hang around here a lot for.

Not only will you get a dose of inspiration your heart but you’ll be getting lots of fun and practical ways to gift and to get your home ready for not just the holidays but for LIFE!

I am SO EXCITED to kick all of these things off with you on Sunday!

See you right back here, then.




A HUGE thanks to Katie Sarokhanian, for sharing her expertise with us today on the blog. Katie is an artist and interior design lover who lives by the mantra: “your home is your creative canvas”. She is a mom of 5 and has an amazing attention to detail as made apparent below. I am so excited to have her join us over here at Restoration House for a little DIY that just about anyone could tackle in their own home.

I’ve been frustrated with the lack of options for fridges these days. Stainless steel has been reigning at the top of the refrigerator world, and I see why, but I wanted something different. Wish List: 1. High-end look 2. Unique 3.Fits my space 4. Coordinates with the brass and gold in my kitchen 5. Works well and 6. Inexpensive. Sound super attainable, right? 

I found a new matte black refrigerator online that I fell in love with, but it came with a $3k price tag. Since we’re not ready for a total kitchen renovation, I decided to make my own matte black beauty.

One of the most important steps is to find a good stainless steel fridge to “ruin”, of course! I found this one on Craigslist for $200. It was fairly new, the right size, a great brand, and worked perfectly, but had one big scratch on the front and thus the low price. Great candidate for a painted-fridge experiment!

 Here’s the breakdown of how I updated this refrigerator, which included, sanding, priming, painting, and replacing the old handles with new matte brass handles.




Look on the side of the handle and you’ll see a small hole. Grab an allen wrench to loosen the screws, and the handles will come right off! Shockingly simply. If your fridge has a glued-on logo on the front, I also suggest taking that off for a custom look. I popped mine right off using a flat head screwdriver.


It’s WAY easier to install new handles if they’re the same size as the existing holes. There are a wide range of appliance handles that you can purchase that look great, but they’re also expensive, which defeats the purpose of trying to make an affordable update to a used fridge. So, my solution was a towel bar. No, really! I searched on Amazon for something brass with 24” hole-to-hole measurement and found these for $29:


(The ones I bought are out of stock but there are many other gorgeous options, like these.) I also looked at grab bars like these, which might be a good option for your fridge depending on your handle measurements.

Or, of course, you can keep your existing handles and just paint those too!


First, I sanded the metal with a fine sanding block. Next was primer. There are a lot of primers out there made specifically for metal. I usually walk into a Sherwin-Williams store, tell them what I’m doing, and they have great suggestions for the right type of paint and primer to use. That is one option for you and I’m guessing it would work just fine. This time, however, I used something called “self etching primer” instead of the usual metal primer. Self-etching primer is customarily used on automobiles, but I thought I might try it here since at our house, our refrigerator has to withstand loads of abuse and heavy scrubbing. There are a lot of different brands and options online, and you could buy it in a spray can or roll it on. But, make sure to buy a dark-base primer. (I accidentally bought a white tinted primer, which still worked fine but I had to do about 5 top coats of black paint.)


I bought Sherwin-Williams “Emerald” latex paint in a matte finish in Tricorn Black. It looks great! I did about 5 coats on the front using a small foam roller. On the sides of the fridge, which were not stainless steel, I didn’t sand or prime at all. I simply put on two coats of this same paint, which is a paint/primer combo. Mostly that’s because the sides are rarely touched or scrubbed and thus didn’t need to be as durable.



To install my new handles, all I did was follow the mounting instructions that came with the “handle” (towel bar) and screwed right into the exiting anchored hole on the refrigerator door. It was simple and they are now sturdily attached! However, the bottom handle of the fridge was a bit more difficult. After a few days, the handle started to get loose. Why? Because to open the bottom freezer drawer, you have to pull OUT and UP at the same time, which strained the mounting hardware that was designed for a towel bar, not a freezer drawer. My solution was this product called JB Weld. The salesman at Lowes said he once used it to attach a trailer to a broken hitch, so I figured it was strong enough for a handle. I put a dab of the putty between the mounting hardware and the handle and clamped it for an hour or so. So far it has worked great! If you couldn’t find handles that fit your existing screw holes, you could possibly use this same product to attach your new handles. I would still screw right into the refrigerator door, then reinforce the mount with the JB Weld putty.




After attaching the handles, I was done! It took just 3 days to complete due to drying and re-coat times, (and due to the fact that I was slowly moving, 9-months-pregnant lady trying to crawl around and paint a fridge in the middle of the night).

I now have a custom, high-end looking refrigerator instead of the giant, stainless steel BEAST that took up all the visual space in my kitchen, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Honestly, I prefer the look of this DIY refrigerator to any new models I could buy—at least any new models I could buy that are less than about 8k dollars, if you know what I mean.

 So, if you have the same stainless-steel-hating problem, if you are aching for something creative for your kitchen, and if you’re not afraid of a little paint—give it a try! Someone once told me that you can’t ruin what you already hate, and that gave me the push to not only paint my refrigerator black, but to paint my cabinets pink. Gasp! That was such wise advice. Now I’m passing it along. Get creative my friends, because your home isn’t just your home, it’s your canvas too.


Here are a few questions I got from my Instagram readers that you may also have:

 How do you paint your handles if you want to keep your same handles?

I would suggest a light sand, and using the spray can version of the self-etching primer (assuming your handles are also stainless steel).

Can you paint a fridge that’s not stainless steel?

Sure, why not? I wanted to do it on a stainless steel surface because it would have a much smoother look than the alternative, textured refrigerator surfaces.

How is the paint holding up?

Great so far! It’s been about 6 weeks. I considered putting a matte poly over the topcoat, but since I had a baby the day after I finished this project, I never got around to it. I can guess that it might add an extra layer of protection, and I still might do that someday.

What about that scratch on the refrigerator?

(The original finish had a few minor scratches)

It’s almost completely unnoticeable after painting! So, if you want to give this a try but are afraid to do it on an expensive stainless fridge. Look for an inexpensive one like mine with scratches. Here is a close-up of the scratch in the bottom left corner. (I didn’t attempt to repair or fill the scratch at all.)

Hot Plate Hot Plate.png