Recently I partnered with Revival Rugs and decided to give the one rug that I chose a try in our bedroom.

First, I guess I should start with the beginning: I have seen Revival and others touting the brand for a while and I loved what I saw. They offer wide range of vintage rugs in an array of sizes, colorways, and styles.

With all the selection I was able to square in on one that haunted me (quite literally) until I put it in my cart the next day.

Some of you may remember that we currently rent so flooring options for us are pretty slim. Rugs are a simple way in a temporary space to ground the space and to make it feel more cozy and like home.

Enter, the Aspasia.

Originally, I thought this rug would be a great addition to our family room but when I unrolled it, I realized it needed a place to show off in our bedroom against the moss green linen duvet that I recently replaced our white cotton IKEA duvet with.


First impressions really are everything and I was so impressed with the attention and detail given to packaging and the branding of everything before I even unboxed the rug. It came in an easy to carry and access package and was neatly folded inside with a cute, thoughtful note from the folks over at Revival.


I’m not sure about you all and how you see your bedroom, but I really want this space to feel like a bit of a retreat. Most days it’s stuffed full of things like laundry and books and magazines (only on my side—Larry keeps his side tip-top) scattered all over the place.

Initially I thought the rug was a bit more of taupe/beige from the site but then saw that it really presents as more of a lavender and thought that it would work well with the neutral tones of our upholstered bed which actually carries some purple and lavender/grey tones as well. I loved it.


I love how the colors transition from grey to tan to lavender and that it pulls colors I’d really not ever noticed out of what could be a very boring upholstered bed.


So, what do you think? Stay tuned for more of our bedroom refresh reveal next week! Can’t wait to talk more about how I’m using what I have but also mixed in a lot of fun new (old) things to build character in this special space.

My Favorite Coffee + Side Tables for Small Spaces

“Houston, we have a problem. We have no space for all this furniture we want to fit into our small home.”

Well, no worries my friend. Hopefully that will be less of a problem after surfing through some of my favorite designs in side and coffee tables for small spaces.

A s point of reference for where I even have the least bit of authority to speak on this topic: we live in a…well…a weird home.

This is what I mean: If you look at the square footage (2750 sq ft) you’d think we’d have plenty of space. (And honestly we really do—the layout is just super funky) After all we have 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The problem with that is that a large percentage of that square footage is walk-in closets in four of the five bedrooms that could literally qualify as bedrooms themselves if they had windows.

This leaves little room in the area that we use the most—the combined living and dining space on the lower level of the home.

I think we’ve gone through a billion arrangements in trying to figure out how to make a small space feel large and I’ve settled for now on using our ottoman as a coffee table which isn’t a bad deal if you ask me but I’ve had some requests recently on Instagram for suggestions on small space living and I thought since I’m actually living that life, it’d be fun to offer some products and items that have helped me make that lifestyle a bit easier along the way.

Square Deal Collage 3 (2).png

round marble + gold table | 125 bay isle coffee table | 336 black nesting | 33

rivet side table | 126 dubois coffee table | 600 wood + gold round coffee | 129

turned wood coffee table | 699 small wooden round side table | 50

xeros woven coffee table | 300

I love that the above options offer something for just about everyone whether your style is more casual and relaxed or a bit more traditional and classic. There’s something out there for everyone.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for furniture for smaller spaces? Let me know in the comments below.

until next time,

xo Kennesha



Okay, maybe I lied. Maybe these gifts won’t get you invited back to the party next year but since gift giving is less about you and more about the person you are giving it to, we can all agree that these are surely gifts that will make your hosts feel thought of and loved.

I’ve chosen some items that I think any host would love and I hope you find some things that you think your friends and family will love to.

These items aren’t budget breakers and will leave a little money in your pockets to save or buy more gifts for others. Okay, maybe some things for you too!

holiday hostess gift combos.png
  1. marble cutting board | 17 2. glass s + p shaker set | 31 3. salad servers | 23

4. balsam + eucalyptus candle | 16 5. jewelry dish | 22 6.marble bowls w/ wood base | 29

7. ceramic bowl set | 33 8. host: a modern guide | 21 9. leather card holder | 25

I sure hope you find something up there that fits perfectly for the host of your next gathering! I really feel like the art of gifting is quickly fading away so I like to take just about any opportunity I can to give to the people putting all the energy into opening up their homes and since we seem to be getting away from that tradition, you’re sure to put a smile on your host’s face with any gift you choose!


baublebar earring crawlers | 12

mini genevieve hoop earring | 15

nylon fanny pack | 22

everlane gift card | 25

set of 6 drinking glasses | 30

set of 3 brass taper candles | 35

thymes frasier fir candle | 28

wabi sabi welcome coffee table book | 16

I’d love to hear what looks fun to you from the lists above! Happy shopping!

xo , K

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