My Favorite Coffee + Side Tables for Small Spaces

“Houston, we have a problem. We have no space for all this furniture we want to fit into our small home.”

Well, no worries my friend. Hopefully that will be less of a problem after surfing through some of my favorite designs in side and coffee tables for small spaces.

A s point of reference for where I even have the least bit of authority to speak on this topic: we live in a…well…a weird home.

This is what I mean: If you look at the square footage (2750 sq ft) you’d think we’d have plenty of space. (And honestly we really do—the layout is just super funky) After all we have 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The problem with that is that a large percentage of that square footage is walk-in closets in four of the five bedrooms that could literally qualify as bedrooms themselves if they had windows.

This leaves little room in the area that we use the most—the combined living and dining space on the lower level of the home.

I think we’ve gone through a billion arrangements in trying to figure out how to make a small space feel large and I’ve settled for now on using our ottoman as a coffee table which isn’t a bad deal if you ask me but I’ve had some requests recently on Instagram for suggestions on small space living and I thought since I’m actually living that life, it’d be fun to offer some products and items that have helped me make that lifestyle a bit easier along the way.

Square Deal Collage 3 (2).png

round marble + gold table | 125 bay isle coffee table | 336 black nesting | 33

rivet side table | 126 dubois coffee table | 600 wood + gold round coffee | 129

turned wood coffee table | 699 small wooden round side table | 50

xeros woven coffee table | 300

I love that the above options offer something for just about everyone whether your style is more casual and relaxed or a bit more traditional and classic. There’s something out there for everyone.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for furniture for smaller spaces? Let me know in the comments below.

until next time,

xo Kennesha


Okay, so if you've followed me for a while you know that one of the reasons this little gig was even named RH was a tribute not only to God's restoring of my own life BUT to honor my love for vintage and antique finds. 

While my personal home style may have shifted and changed over the years, my desire to add character and personality to the homes we live in through pieces from forgotten times has not. 

Nothing adds flavor, personality or a more lived-in feel more than an architecturally salvaged kitchen utensil turned artwork or a vintage textile from the early 19th century turned well, into whatever your mind can imagine. 

For me, that's the thrill of it all, honestly. From finding the perfect hunt locations locally and abroad, to getting creative with how you use it in your own home, there's nothing quite like using items like these to help a house feel more like home. After all, at the end of the day, that's what we wall want. We all want a space that lends to bringing out the best in not just those who dwell within the four walls we call home but to those who enter as well. We want a space that feels collected and gathered instead of unboxed and sterile. We want a place that feels good and snuggly and cozy and welcoming. Too many adjectives? Never. 

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a bit about my thrifting and antiquing process that you can customize to fit your lifestyle and personal 'style profile'. 

Styling | Kennesha Buycks  Photography |  Tiarra Sorte

Styling | Kennesha Buycks

Photography | Tiarra Sorte

Because much of our home has a pretty neutral base, I like to pick up pieces that will easily transition from season to season and from style to style. This means that over the years most of the items I have grabbed in my outings will always fit not matter where we go or what kind of home we live in.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways, you can use some of your favorite finds or how your finds can become your favorite in your own home:




I love vintage art. Whether it’s paint by number or an old acrylic there’s just something about it that gives me all the good vibes. Adding vintage art in any space can give it more character and a more lived-in feel but I especially love using vintage items in unexpected places. Try hanging some smaller pieces in the bathroom, powder room or kitchen and reserve your larger finds for the living room or bedroom.

Brittany Chignalia via  The Glitter Guide

Brittany Chignalia via The Glitter Guide



I am pretty sure I have a disease because every few months or so. (Ok, weeks) I get the itch to change out the items on our shelves in our home. This is a no-fuss, easy way to change up small details in a room without making a huge impact. One of my most favorite items to use when doing so are vintage and antique finds that I’ve collected over time. Because we live in small space with limited storage, the shelves in our dining area serve double duty as holders of items I hold near and dear as well as storing functional items I use in our home and specifically in our kitchen like bowls and plates.

Photography |  Ryan Flynn Photo

Photography | Ryan Flynn Photo

Via Pinterest by  Studio McGee

Via Pinterest by Studio McGee



Speaking of unexpected, this is a hat I found at a local thrift. It was handmade in Thailand and I was so excited to find the perfect spot for it in our guest room at that time. When looking around your local flea markets, thrifts or garage sales don’t pass by anything that speaks to you even if you don’t know what you’ll do with it at that time. If the price is right, snatch it up. Sometimes I find that the true inspiration comes much later. I do, however, have one rule: if I bring something in that doesn’t immediately serve a purpose, I must get rid of one thing in order to make space for it. It’s a small-space rule.

photography |  ryan flynn photo

photography | ryan flynn photo



I die. This space of Chelsea’s from Style Mutt Home is a great example of how you can mix and match the new and old, vintage and antique to get the feel of a well-loved, collected space that invites folks to stay for a while. I want to hone in on her use of the camp table as a coffee table. I love how unafraid she was to take something that was meant for one reason and repurpose it in her home for another.

Chelsea |  Style Mutt Home

Chelsea | Style Mutt Home



Dining in? This is the perfect time to style those wooden cutting boards or vintage glasses amongst your favorite dinner plates and serveware. 90% of what you see below came from my local thrift. From the candlesticks to the plates at each table setting you see, I used secondhand items to turn this inspirational tabletop into something beautiful. It doesn’t take a ton of thought or energy to create something that is unique to your style or taste.

Photography |  Tiarra Sorte

Photography | Tiarra Sorte

Tell me how you like to use your unique finds in your home in the comments below!



I've been on the search for the perfect sconces for our walls in our little cottage and since we are renters with definite restrictions, I’ll be needing a plug-in option vs. hardwire. 

Here are a few options varying in price range and why I love them. I am looking to place some lights on each side of our sofa but these would work great in a bedroom as side table lighting, in the office or any room/space you choose. 


via amazon

Love these from  @  cocokelley  from her #oneroomchallenge makeoever.  Photography |  Dorothy   Brand

Love these from @cocokelley from her #oneroomchallenge makeoever.

Photography | Dorothy Brand

WHAT I LOVE: The Price. The style.
WHAT I’M NOT SO SURE ABOUT: The finish. I want a true brass and I’m not so sure this fits that criteria. This pair has a brass finish. Still in the runnings though.

via  CB2

via CB2

The Mantis showing off in the living room of blogger  Victoria Smith  for Refinery29.  Photography |  Laure Joliet

The Mantis showing off in the living room of blogger Victoria Smith for Refinery29.

Photography | Laure Joliet

WHAT I LOVE: The shape. The style. How clean and simple it is.

WHAT I’M NOT SO SURE ABOUT: If they will fit the space I need them for (flanking our sofa) and if they will be a little too functional. Also, the price. I will need to purchase two.


WHAT I LOVE: The finishes and the quality that Cedar and Moss brings to all of their products.

WHAT I’M NOT SO SURE ABOUT: May be a bit too mid century in style for our home and my personal style. While I can admire midcentury, it’s not a period that weighs heavily in our current space and I’m not sure I want it to right now.

via  poly + bark   (Currently SOLD OUT. Different, but one I like equally linked.)

via poly + bark

(Currently SOLD OUT. Different, but one I like equally linked.)

WHAT I LOVE: THE PRICE!!! Pretty much everything that Poly and Bark has to offer but aside from that, I love how simple these are and how timeless they could be. I also love how the style nods to the traditional but also honors current modern trends in lighting as well.

WHAT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT: The scale and if two flanking the sofa will complement the overall scale of the sofa and room in general.

This shows the pendant version instead of the sconce but I do so love the way it effortless steals the show here in  Jen of The Effortless Chic  bathroom redo.

This shows the pendant version instead of the sconce but I do so love the way it effortless steals the show here in Jen of The Effortless Chic bathroom redo.

WHAT I LOVE: THE COLOR! The craftsmanship. The style + shape.

WHAT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT: The COLOR! But, I change things a lot and even though this is technically a neutral I’m just not sure that it will fit for the long haul.


So, those are my top five picks for lighting, guys. I'm leaning more toward black ones in our space but till can't decide between that finish or brass. What's your fave? Are you making any lighting decisions at home and if so, how are you choosing your favorite for your space? Inquiring minds (me) wanna know. Join the convo monthly below AND hop on over to my Instagram feed to chat with the rest of our friends about cool lighting options and making final design decisions in our own homes. Why is it so dang hard?

Now, it’s time to weigh in. Comment below and let me know your thoughts and which one you like best!