Recently I partnered with Revival Rugs and decided to give the one rug that I chose a try in our bedroom.

First, I guess I should start with the beginning: I have seen Revival and others touting the brand for a while and I loved what I saw. They offer wide range of vintage rugs in an array of sizes, colorways, and styles.

With all the selection I was able to square in on one that haunted me (quite literally) until I put it in my cart the next day.

Some of you may remember that we currently rent so flooring options for us are pretty slim. Rugs are a simple way in a temporary space to ground the space and to make it feel more cozy and like home.

Enter, the Aspasia.

Originally, I thought this rug would be a great addition to our family room but when I unrolled it, I realized it needed a place to show off in our bedroom against the moss green linen duvet that I recently replaced our white cotton IKEA duvet with.


First impressions really are everything and I was so impressed with the attention and detail given to packaging and the branding of everything before I even unboxed the rug. It came in an easy to carry and access package and was neatly folded inside with a cute, thoughtful note from the folks over at Revival.


I’m not sure about you all and how you see your bedroom, but I really want this space to feel like a bit of a retreat. Most days it’s stuffed full of things like laundry and books and magazines (only on my side—Larry keeps his side tip-top) scattered all over the place.

Initially I thought the rug was a bit more of taupe/beige from the site but then saw that it really presents as more of a lavender and thought that it would work well with the neutral tones of our upholstered bed which actually carries some purple and lavender/grey tones as well. I loved it.


I love how the colors transition from grey to tan to lavender and that it pulls colors I’d really not ever noticed out of what could be a very boring upholstered bed.


So, what do you think? Stay tuned for more of our bedroom refresh reveal next week! Can’t wait to talk more about how I’m using what I have but also mixed in a lot of fun new (old) things to build character in this special space.


Okay, so if you've followed me for a while you know that one of the reasons this little gig was even named RH was a tribute not only to God's restoring of my own life BUT to honor my love for vintage and antique finds. 

While my personal home style may have shifted and changed over the years, my desire to add character and personality to the homes we live in through pieces from forgotten times has not. 

Nothing adds flavor, personality or a more lived-in feel more than an architecturally salvaged kitchen utensil turned artwork or a vintage textile from the early 19th century turned well, into whatever your mind can imagine. 

For me, that's the thrill of it all, honestly. From finding the perfect hunt locations locally and abroad, to getting creative with how you use it in your own home, there's nothing quite like using items like these to help a house feel more like home. After all, at the end of the day, that's what we wall want. We all want a space that lends to bringing out the best in not just those who dwell within the four walls we call home but to those who enter as well. We want a space that feels collected and gathered instead of unboxed and sterile. We want a place that feels good and snuggly and cozy and welcoming. Too many adjectives? Never. 

Anyhow, I thought I'd share a bit about my thrifting and antiquing process that you can customize to fit your lifestyle and personal 'style profile'. 

Styling | Kennesha Buycks  Photography |  Tiarra Sorte

Styling | Kennesha Buycks

Photography | Tiarra Sorte

Because much of our home has a pretty neutral base, I like to pick up pieces that will easily transition from season to season and from style to style. This means that over the years most of the items I have grabbed in my outings will always fit not matter where we go or what kind of home we live in.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways, you can use some of your favorite finds or how your finds can become your favorite in your own home:




I love vintage art. Whether it’s paint by number or an old acrylic there’s just something about it that gives me all the good vibes. Adding vintage art in any space can give it more character and a more lived-in feel but I especially love using vintage items in unexpected places. Try hanging some smaller pieces in the bathroom, powder room or kitchen and reserve your larger finds for the living room or bedroom.

Brittany Chignalia via  The Glitter Guide

Brittany Chignalia via The Glitter Guide



I am pretty sure I have a disease because every few months or so. (Ok, weeks) I get the itch to change out the items on our shelves in our home. This is a no-fuss, easy way to change up small details in a room without making a huge impact. One of my most favorite items to use when doing so are vintage and antique finds that I’ve collected over time. Because we live in small space with limited storage, the shelves in our dining area serve double duty as holders of items I hold near and dear as well as storing functional items I use in our home and specifically in our kitchen like bowls and plates.

Photography |  Ryan Flynn Photo

Photography | Ryan Flynn Photo

Via Pinterest by  Studio McGee

Via Pinterest by Studio McGee



Speaking of unexpected, this is a hat I found at a local thrift. It was handmade in Thailand and I was so excited to find the perfect spot for it in our guest room at that time. When looking around your local flea markets, thrifts or garage sales don’t pass by anything that speaks to you even if you don’t know what you’ll do with it at that time. If the price is right, snatch it up. Sometimes I find that the true inspiration comes much later. I do, however, have one rule: if I bring something in that doesn’t immediately serve a purpose, I must get rid of one thing in order to make space for it. It’s a small-space rule.

photography |  ryan flynn photo

photography | ryan flynn photo



I die. This space of Chelsea’s from Style Mutt Home is a great example of how you can mix and match the new and old, vintage and antique to get the feel of a well-loved, collected space that invites folks to stay for a while. I want to hone in on her use of the camp table as a coffee table. I love how unafraid she was to take something that was meant for one reason and repurpose it in her home for another.

Chelsea |  Style Mutt Home

Chelsea | Style Mutt Home



Dining in? This is the perfect time to style those wooden cutting boards or vintage glasses amongst your favorite dinner plates and serveware. 90% of what you see below came from my local thrift. From the candlesticks to the plates at each table setting you see, I used secondhand items to turn this inspirational tabletop into something beautiful. It doesn’t take a ton of thought or energy to create something that is unique to your style or taste.

Photography |  Tiarra Sorte

Photography | Tiarra Sorte

Tell me how you like to use your unique finds in your home in the comments below!



Photography |  Ryan Flynn Photo  for  Glitter Guide   Styling | Restoration House

Photography | Ryan Flynn Photo for Glitter Guide

Styling | Restoration House

We live in a rental. We can't touch anything in the home we live in. No new flooring, no new cabinetry, no new wall colors-nothing. Now, if you're reading this and you're a creative like me who loves changing the aforementioned more than you change your unmentionables then you understand my plight. Couple that with an architectural design that isn't exactly my own and it COULD be a recipe for disaster. 

As they say, 'necessity is the mother of invention' and Lord knows that necessity has "mothered", "fathered", "uncle'd" and "aunt'd" my desire to have the home we want over the years and taught me how to turn obstacle into opportunity over and over again. After all, it's the whole reason Restoration House exists. 

What does all of this have to do with gallery wall, you ask? I am glad you asked. The one thing I can do in this space and others we have lived in is hang things on the wall and one thing I have been obsessed with over the years is gallery walls. Have I actually given into that obsession? No. 

It's complicated, really. Well, maybe not. The truth is...I have been afraid. Yes, it's true. While I can commit to many things in my life I always find it most difficult to commit to many things when it comes to our home. Whether it's the next piece of furniture we will invest in or light fixtures, I just can't seem to commit, guys. 

A few weeks ago, however, something changed. I discovered this newly found freedom to gather some of our photos, thrift and DIY others and begin the journey of continuing to turn this home, regardless of how temporary, into more of the home we want it to be. 

My hope is that you can turn away after reading this post with more confidence to start your own wall of art and give it the personal touch it needs to uniquely represent your life and, more importantly, your home. 


A gallery wall is a collection of photos or images displayed on one’s walls to highlight special interests from family members to favorite foods. They run the gamut and can be used creatively to express another dimension of a homeowner’s personality or bring out the character in a specific space in a home or a person’s life.

There are lots of different kinds of gallery walls but I’ve divided them into two main categories and within those two, a few different styles can be expressed as you will see below.

For the sake of space and time here, I’ve decided to talk today about the asymmetrical and symmetrical in relation to the alignment of frames on the wall.

I typically lean more toward a symmetrical and “even” way of displaying not just frames but just about everything in my house. I have a need to feel balance and symmetry in just about every part of my home. It just makes me feel grounded and, overall,  good.


Well, technically no one does but what it does in a home is pretty darn amazing. Gallery walls allow for you, as a homeowner and your own personal designer, to reflect and express yourself through the walls of your home. It also allows that expression to be temporary vs. more permanent things like paint color and furniture. I liken this, while perhaps a bit more committal, to things like throw pillows, shelf decor and accessories or accent throws. If you don’t like the way it looks or the pics are too old you just take them down or exchange them for something new or that you like better. Easy peasy.

Except, for me, it’s not been very easy peasy at all. This is where the whole “dilemma” part creeps in and where my Type A brain begins to beg me to make a decision and break things down a bit more so that I can actually take action.

So with that in mind, first up, ASYMETRICAL:

BOHO ECLECTIC via  Pottery Barn

BOHO ECLECTIC via Pottery Barn

What I love about this style and the ones I will share throughout this post is that no matter what your personal style may be, you can choose to go with either way of displaying your artwork and photography. For this boho themed space, I love how the wall of frames seems to pull everything together to make it feel more cohesive.

VINTAGE MODERN via  Emily Henderson

VINTAGE MODERN via Emily Henderson

Raise your hand if this one is just your fave. Even though the frames have been displayed asymmetrically, the consistent imagery in each of the frames once again gives it a cohesive feel. There’s no doubt that Emily knows just what she is doing here but I love that it’s approachable and something that just about anyone could pull off. How does this translate in your home? Do you love paint by number images or paintings or do you love sunset paintings? Use those as a catalyst to created a themed wall similar to this one.



Okay so I love the calm, cool and clean vibes this one gives. I also love the unique and vintage art that this homeowner uses in the space and that one piece is used a focal to draw the eye in, then move around the display. Because of the choice in colors, there’s also no competition. One isn’t fighting for the attention fo the other, they each complement each other well and I really like that a lot.


MODERN + RUSTIC  Via Blogger Lena Terlutter


Via Blogger Lena Terlutter

I’m all about the simplicity of this wall and the black and white really does it for me in the sense that, for my eyes, I don’t have to feel like they are all over the place. For my color-loving friends out there, this wouldn’t work for you but I think it’s a great option for people like me who have a hard time deciding what gets to stay in the runnings and what needs to go. In this case, EVERYTHING stays and I like that.

CLASSIC + REFINED  Via  Apartment Therapy


Via Apartment Therapy

So, I bet I know what you’re thinking here-that this is not symmetrical. I actually consider this a bit of both and so, in that, the best of both worlds. While the frames are not the same size, the entry of the floating shelves give the illusion that they are. They are all on the same playing field and it kind of tricks the eye into thinking they are the same when they really aren’t. This option is actually one of my most favorites. I love that you can get the feel of both with this option.

CLEAN + SIMPLE  Via  Chris Loves Juila


Via Chris Loves Juila

Okay, so I’m fickle. Sue me. But, this one is a fave as well. I love this because it’s not fussy, would take about 10 minutes to hang and it’s personal. Speaking of approachable, you won’t get more approachable if you choose to go this route and quite honestly, this is probably the road I will choose to go down. I just love the idea of blowing up big photos of our kids or fam and putting them up on our walls. She used engineer prints for this project which is pretty inexpensive and didn’t even spend a ton on her frames. Saving money? Sign me up for that any day. Also makes hubby happy so there’s that.


  1. Embrace your personal style. In order to do this I guess you need to decide what your personal style is. Spoiler: It doesn’t have to fit into any trendy box. You can even make it up. If you want to call your style “hodgepodge”, then so be it. Let your wall reflect that and roll with it in confidence. If you love it, chances are, everyone else will as well.

  2. Don’t feel the pressure to complete it all at once. I think this is definitely something I need to tell myself over and over again. It’s okay to start with a couple of things you like and build from it. Remember that your home is a story collected over time. A novel. Not Cliff’s Notes, express version of your life. It’s okay to take your time.

  3. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Okay so I understand this one may be a bit confusing since I shared images here and some pretty amazing designers and their way of doing things but that’s just it—we all have our way of doing things. And while I know this sounds eerily close to number one perhaps it bears repeating. I’m definitely talking about design here but I’m pretty sure we could all take this and run full speed ahead into this idea with most other areas of our lives as well. At the end of the day, whether you’re more of a symmetrical girl or like things a little less straight up, just remember to do you. There are lots of areas in your life where considering what someone else would do would be appropriate. This is your home so this isn’t one of those areas. Just have fun with it!

I haven’t come up with a final decision of course but I bet you guys can guess what I’m gonna do. Which of these is YOUR fave? Have you hung pics up for a gallery wall? If so, how in the world did you decide? Would you consider yourself more the symmetrical or the asymmetrical type? Or do you have a way all your own? Do tell.

Until next time, friends,