Name: Charlotte Betts

Business Name/Social Handle @milknhonee and @pintsizefaith

City of Residence ( south suburbs ) Near Chicago IL

Number of years in current home: 3 years


Tell us the story of your home.

It’s funny, because before moving to our current neighborhood, my husband and I would often drive to this area and go to Chili’s ( we’re super fancy). 

Unbeknownst to us at the time, we would be buying the house down the street. I never wanted to move outside of the city. I loved the convenience of being 25-30 min from Chicago. Plus, I had imagined getting a home that was move in ready.

When I came to my senses and realized that buying a house in the city was not in our budget I finally gave in. We looked at a few houses and decided to purchase it. We ended up buying a much bigger house than anticipated for almost half the price of my initial choice in the city. Funny thing is, the house we purchased belonged to a member of our current church home, which we didn’t know she even attended our church. I love how God is always in the details.  The house itself, had a good foundation, but I want a fan of the the aesthetics. Thankfully, everything that needed work was cosmetic. What sets it apart for me is how my husband could see beyond what I could see. He knew that this house was to be  our home. I couldn’t see past the cream colored carpet, the unfinished laundry room ( first world problems) and a number of other things that were extremely superficial. But he saw beyond the house.... he saw our home and though it still needs some work, I hate to even admit this so far down the line, but I can finally see what he saw 3 years ago.


How would you describe your personal home style? 

I’ve always had such a hard time answering that question, because I like so many different styles. Plus, my husband has given me creative control when it comes to our home decor... which is great because if it was up to him, we would most likely have a pool table and bar stools as our dining set. 

However, it makes it a bit of a daunting task for me, because I’m left with the responsibility of ensuring that my choices when it comes to decor are also a reflection of his personality. But if I had to choose one, I take more of a minimalist approach. 

I also believe that because I like so many different styles, it’s taken me longer to decorate our house. I want to be sure that whatever we decide , it’s something we’ll be happy with for a long time. Definitely hoping to complete that by the end of this year.


What is your favorite space in your home and why? 

My dining room. It’s such a peaceful space for me. I love it for so many reasons. For one, I get to gather with my husband and daughters daily to share meals which is something that means so much to me considering I didn’t really experience that growing up. Both of my parents worked long hours and it just wasn’t something We did. Having the ability to share that with my daughters and my husband means the world. It’s such a bonding experience, there’s something about breaking bread with those you love, a bonding experience that establishes a foundation for my daughters to do the same with their family when the time comes. But most importantly creating memories for myself, and them.

I also love the dining room area because, while the rest of the house sleeps, I wake up early and  sit there to meditate on the Word. It is there that I “ break bread” with The Lord, waiting for Him to speak to me. Both my body and my spirit get fed here. It’s filling.


If you could share one thing about yourself with readers that you've perhaps never shared publicly or via social media, what would it be?  

I come from humble beginnings, never in a million years did I ever for one second think that I would get married, have kids and a house. Not for one second. It may not be much for some, but for me... it’s a testament to God’s goodness. 


What was life like for you growing up in your childhood home?

It was pretty good. My parents bought their first house in 1991. We lived in appartements most of our lives. My brothers and I have fond memories in our house. I also remember having my own bedroom for the first time. Though the purchase of the house was exciting, it only felt like a home for a short period of time. A few years down the road, my parents went their separate ways, and although  the house was still there, I remember feeling like it didn’t feel much like a home. What was that song by Luther Vandross? A house is not a home ... lol - but yeah those were my feelings at the time. As years went by, the house was restored into a home... thanks to my wonderful mother.


What does home mean to you?

Home to me is being in a space surrounded by people you love, a place where peace is almost tangible. A retreat of some sort. A home is not a house, a home can be a shack, as long as the people you share it with genuinely love, care for you. Home is where your heart is, cliché but so very true.

What do you want others to feel when they enter/spend time in your home?

I truly believe that your home is a reflection of who you are and  it goes beyond style. A home carries energy and often times that energy comes from what is allowed inside. We make an effort to keep a positive energy so that we can maintain a peaceful environment not only for ourselves but for those who come see us.  


Proudest DIY?

Not sure if that falls into that category, but being able to apply 70% of  the peel and stick

wallpaper myself was quite an accomplishment lol.


Do you think you've learned to embrace your story?

I absolutely do. I went from wanting a house in the city, to creating a home in the suburbs. My neighbors have horses and roosters. I went from being minutes to the city to seeing ponies when I pick up my daughter from school, I’ve come a long way.... and the  funny thing is you couldn’t pay me enough to go back.


If there was one piece of advice that you could give to others as to how to embrace their home and their story, what would that sound like? 

We are the ones responsible for creating our environment, especially when it comes to the type of energy you want in your home. Just like good eating habits are conducive to good health, Filtering what and who you allow in your home is just as important.

How does what you do currently in your professional life tie into this idea that home is "more than just a place we live" but that it holds much more of a redemptive and restorative power than we may currently embrace culturally? 

Home, for me, is definitely more than a place I live. I’m home 80% of the time. I run a business out of my home and a good chunk of my day is spent working in the house, so it’s important for it to be a place that helps me create freely. Which brings me back to the importance of creating an environment that will allow you to thrive. 


Recently I partnered with Revival Rugs and decided to give the one rug that I chose a try in our bedroom.

First, I guess I should start with the beginning: I have seen Revival and others touting the brand for a while and I loved what I saw. They offer wide range of vintage rugs in an array of sizes, colorways, and styles.

With all the selection I was able to square in on one that haunted me (quite literally) until I put it in my cart the next day.

Some of you may remember that we currently rent so flooring options for us are pretty slim. Rugs are a simple way in a temporary space to ground the space and to make it feel more cozy and like home.

Enter, the Aspasia.

Originally, I thought this rug would be a great addition to our family room but when I unrolled it, I realized it needed a place to show off in our bedroom against the moss green linen duvet that I recently replaced our white cotton IKEA duvet with.


First impressions really are everything and I was so impressed with the attention and detail given to packaging and the branding of everything before I even unboxed the rug. It came in an easy to carry and access package and was neatly folded inside with a cute, thoughtful note from the folks over at Revival.


I’m not sure about you all and how you see your bedroom, but I really want this space to feel like a bit of a retreat. Most days it’s stuffed full of things like laundry and books and magazines (only on my side—Larry keeps his side tip-top) scattered all over the place.

Initially I thought the rug was a bit more of taupe/beige from the site but then saw that it really presents as more of a lavender and thought that it would work well with the neutral tones of our upholstered bed which actually carries some purple and lavender/grey tones as well. I loved it.


I love how the colors transition from grey to tan to lavender and that it pulls colors I’d really not ever noticed out of what could be a very boring upholstered bed.


So, what do you think? Stay tuned for more of our bedroom refresh reveal next week! Can’t wait to talk more about how I’m using what I have but also mixed in a lot of fun new (old) things to build character in this special space.

#mywholehome | A Family's Dream Becomes Reality in the Most Unexpected Place

Meet Jessica Mariano or Jess, for short. She’s a good friend of mine and I’ll do my best here today to unfold her story of home but I think Jess does it best.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to be able to not only share her with you but also invite you in, for the first time here, into an intimate conversation between Jess and I via video. How fun is that? More than stil images, Jess and I spend a few moments uncovering and chatting about a bit of her what makes her home so special to her and how home has been an important part of her journey over the years.


How has your attitude toward your home changed over the years?

I have allowed for mess. The dishes can wait. And they do. I listen to my body and heart way more these days. When my babies were smaller I remember them following me around crying wanting me to hold them. I would say just one second, I just have to do this one thing. And that one thing turned into 5 things. I have learned to just drop to the floor and pick those babies up. I think decorating or cleaning was a way of putting my life in order. Now, I see that my life is what puts my home in order. The home is what serves me and my family. I don’t serve the home. 


How did it feel to move into your current home?

Honestly I felt [a bit of excitement] mixed with a coming to reality that a family had lived their own journey in what was now our new home. Some things I needed to throw out as soon as possible. Almost a resetting or cleansing of the space. Because of that, we gutted an entire bathroom and have been living with one fully functioning bathroom for 7 months now. So many things need to be replaced and repaired. We ripped out the carpets and painted the subfloor. The fireplace is exposed and we have a piece of wood laying across the hearth. I have a fake fireplace sitting inside of it to make it feel cozier. I guess I say all of this to speak to the patience of owning a home and making it your own and how I’m not waiting for hard woods or beautiful countertops to make it my home. Heck, I’m not even waiting for toilets in bathrooms before hanging up beautiful art. 

It’s about working with what you have in each season. Weather your curtains are hung up with thumb tacks or not, you can enjoy your space and express your heart. 


How does your home make YOU feel?

Safe. Growing up home was not safe. I never wanted to be home. It took me a long time to want to be home as an adult. I remember when I first started to desire to be in my own house. To begin to make my bed and think about what I was doing and allow thankfulness to fill me up. To light a candle or take a bath and not think about the mess. Or even take a few seconds while the bath fills to clean just the bathroom as a treat to myself and my mind before climbing in and relaxing. I also feel creative in it [home]. I have made spots to serve different needs of our family. As a gift to myself for my birthday this year I made my own art area. I put my favorite magazines and art books in a wooden box and filled a glass jar with all my paints. It’s my favorite spot right now. 


Some advice: how do you support your kids’ own creative minds without losing yours?

There is freedom in shutting the door. I like my white doors and black door handles. The contrast is gorgeous. I focus on that. I don’t need to think about what it looks like on the other side. I am creative. And I love that my kids are following in my footsteps. They want to be like me. But I have to let them imitate and express that creativity as they please. When I was 14 I decorated an entire wall with skittle candy wrappers. I grew out of that approach. But man I loved it at the time! 


If there was one thing you could tell your 20-year-old self, what would it be?

Be gentle with yourself. How you look at your home is deeper than current trends and Instagram posts. How you are internalizing information and then inspired into action is heavier then you may think. Be in tune with your heart. Ask yourself what is motivating your action? Is it to create and express yourself? Then be free and express. But if you are trying to clean your closet to somehow clean up your emotions that won’t fully work. It’s part of it. But again be gentle with yourself and take care of what you need. Sometimes it’s to clean and decorate and sometimes it’s to not. 


Can you guys see why I absolutely adore this woman? In addition to her allowing me to invade her space and shoot her home, Jess sat down with me over coffee to talk a bit more about her life and home and how she continues to see God’s divine hand of intervention in both.

Join us by clicking the video below and please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and comment! In this chat, we dig a little deeper into this conversation and unpack how this sometimes false sense of home presented by culture has impacted each of us and how Jess has determined to live life a little differently. Enjoy!






Join us as we sit down with Jessica Mariano, a local Seattle creative, who is learning to lean into her own story of redemption and how God us using it to unfold a beautiful story of home in her life and that of her family--for generations to come.